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Provisions Stores

       We supply complete provision stores from each of our state of the art warehouse facilities. Our huge freezers and coolers allow us to provide the guaranteed freshest meat, poultry, seafood, dairy products, and produce in both frozen and chilled varieties. We can supply you with the freshest fruits and vegetables available from our local markets. We also have available a large variety of ethnic foods and spices to meet all of your needs.
We deliver provisions directly to your vessel in our fleet of new temperature controlled refrigerated and freezer trucks.

We permanently hold a comprehensive range of dry provision to meet the expectations of quality for cargo, navy, cruise, and offshore industries.Our purchasing departments source products from all over the globe to ensure that the correct balance of price and quality is always achieved.

       Our range includes fresh, frozen and dry stores, meat from India's best quality producers, fish straight from our local fishermen, fruit and vegetables from our farmers and dry stores from local and imported sources. Following is a selection of categories from our extensive provisions list.

- The freshest beef, pork and poultry available.
- Fresh local and imported seafood.
- Full line of fresh cheese, milk, creams and eggs.
- Full line of delicious fresh fruits and vegetables - with seasonal items         available up request.
- All the spices you need to make every meal a memorable one.
- Canned fruits, vegetables, sauces, oils and condiments.
- Bread and bakery products